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camera RAW attempt #1

In this first attempt, I took a colored photo I took of three books, with the “CHANEL” logo on the book on top standing out the most. In the original picture, the background colors were very dull. The desk the books were sitting on was an orangey-wood color that I don’t think looked very cool and sort of washed away the significance of the main subject, the CHANEL, and the books. So in Camera RAW, I toyed around a bit with the coloring. First, I blurred out the bottom edge of the photo in the left corner because I thought it made the books stand out even more. Then I made the entire photo black and white and added blue tints to the books. For the most part, I just played around with color until I thought the photo looked clear. I’m still nowhere near an expert with Camera Raw, so for me it’s really all about playing around which is what I did here.  Image


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