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Clearly, the main subject in this photo is the tree in the bottom right-hand corner. Even though this photo is in black and white, colors and light play a huge role. The tree and the sky in the left top corner are the blackest images in the photo, yet I think the tree is the most important . The sunlight surrounding the tree acts as a frame for the tree, so although the patches of light around the tree take up most of the frame and are obviously the brightest parts of the picture, they allow the dark tree to pop out due to the intense contrast of light and color. The sky takes up about 95% of the frame. The photographer chose to put a little bit of the ground at the bottom of the picture for a reason. I think this allows people to view the tree as a lonely, almost sad subject. From what we can see, the tree is the only thing on the ground in this area. It stands alone and almost seems as though it is looking up to the light in the sky and it tilts to where the birds are flying. I think this produces a very dramatic effect. The photographer also did a great job in not dividing the scene equally. By shooting the picture so the tree would be way towards the right side of the frame, the photographer allows the tree to really stand out. For instance, if the tree were shot right in the middle of the frame, I think the picture would be viewed entirely different. The lighting would be totally off and the whole idea or “story” behind the picture would be changed. This picture is a perfect example of how important it is to evaulate your frame and lighting before taking the picture in order to create the right effect you want and allow viewers to experience the photo in a certain way. 




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