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“Tom Girls” Analysis

In this story, two eight year olds meet at a conference for families with transgender children. Lily and Thomasina were both born with the anatomy of boys, but have always known that they essentially are girls, even if not physically and biologically. The clip includes personal feedback from Thomasina and Lily about their situation

and their lives. The little “girls” describe first hand how the feel. Through their dialogue you are able to really get a grasp of how even though they are living with being transgender and have a unique situation, they really are just normal eight-year-old kids. The feedback from their parents allows us to get a taste of how they deal with raising transgendered children.

In this audio clip, both the girls and their families are being interviewed, but there is also a narrator exlpaining the situation. The fact that there is dialogue among the people the story is about adds so much to the clip itself. If the audio was soley the narrator speaking, it would be so easy for listeners to zone out or get lost. The dialogue keeps listeners

engaged and help understand who the people the story is about are. Another thing that really helped was background music. During sad parts, soft, almost dramatic music would play to add a dramatic effect. During parts there were more uplifting, upbeat and more lively music would play. The music allowed the listener to remain hooked to the story and connect to it with emotion.



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