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“Tom Girls” Analysis

In this story, two eight year olds meet at a conference for families with transgender children. Lily and Thomasina were both born with the anatomy of boys, but have always known that they essentially are girls, even if not physically and biologically. The clip includes personal feedback from Thomasina and Lily about their situation

and their lives. The little “girls” describe first hand how the feel. Through their dialogue you are able to really get a grasp of how even though they are living with being transgender and have a unique situation, they really are just normal eight-year-old kids. The feedback from their parents allows us to get a taste of how they deal with raising transgendered children.

In this audio clip, both the girls and their families are being interviewed, but there is also a narrator exlpaining the situation. The fact that there is dialogue among the people the story is about adds so much to the clip itself. If the audio was soley the narrator speaking, it would be so easy for listeners to zone out or get lost. The dialogue keeps listeners

engaged and help understand who the people the story is about are. Another thing that really helped was background music. During sad parts, soft, almost dramatic music would play to add a dramatic effect. During parts there were more uplifting, upbeat and more lively music would play. The music allowed the listener to remain hooked to the story and connect to it with emotion.



camera RAW attempt #1

In this first attempt, I took a colored photo I took of three books, with the “CHANEL” logo on the book on top standing out the most. In the original picture, the background colors were very dull. The desk the books were sitting on was an orangey-wood color that I don’t think looked very cool and sort of washed away the significance of the main subject, the CHANEL, and the books. So in Camera RAW, I toyed around a bit with the coloring. First, I blurred out the bottom edge of the photo in the left corner because I thought it made the books stand out even more. Then I made the entire photo black and white and added blue tints to the books. For the most part, I just played around with color until I thought the photo looked clear. I’m still nowhere near an expert with Camera Raw, so for me it’s really all about playing around which is what I did here.  Image

composition & design

Clearly, the main subject in this photo is the tree in the bottom right-hand corner. Even though this photo is in black and white, colors and light play a huge role. The tree and the sky in the left top corner are the blackest images in the photo, yet I think the tree is the most important . The sunlight surrounding the tree acts as a frame for the tree, so although the patches of light around the tree take up most of the frame and are obviously the brightest parts of the picture, they allow the dark tree to pop out due to the intense contrast of light and color. The sky takes up about 95% of the frame. The photographer chose to put a little bit of the ground at the bottom of the picture for a reason. I think this allows people to view the tree as a lonely, almost sad subject. From what we can see, the tree is the only thing on the ground in this area. It stands alone and almost seems as though it is looking up to the light in the sky and it tilts to where the birds are flying. I think this produces a very dramatic effect. The photographer also did a great job in not dividing the scene equally. By shooting the picture so the tree would be way towards the right side of the frame, the photographer allows the tree to really stand out. For instance, if the tree were shot right in the middle of the frame, I think the picture would be viewed entirely different. The lighting would be totally off and the whole idea or “story” behind the picture would be changed. This picture is a perfect example of how important it is to evaulate your frame and lighting before taking the picture in order to create the right effect you want and allow viewers to experience the photo in a certain way. 



Photo 3

What stands out to me most about this picture is the linear value of it. The trees, street sign, telephone poles, and black lamp post all have the same vertical line effect and I thought that was really cool. I also experiented with the aperture and found that the street sign seems to be the brightest figure in the picture. 

Photo 2

In this photo, I experimented with the exposure by allowing there to be a a larger aperture with a lower number of f-stops, this way more light would be exposed to the photo. I thought it was cool because the colors of the bicicles are bright, and the green grass in the background seem really vibrant and draw a lot of attention to themselves. Although I am still new with aperture and shutter speed I think the fact that the picture seems so bright is due to the low f-stops and shorter shutter speed. 

Photo 1

This photo stood out to me most because of it’s coloring. When I walked past this patch of flowers I bent down a bit and noticed that if I zoomed in on the flowers and really tried to make them my main focus, the bright purples and whites would completely overshadow the dull, neutral colors in the rest of the picture. My experiment worked. With such a cloudy, gray sky and no other colors besides brown really, the bright colors of the flowers (purple, white, green leaves) burst out and really catch my eye. I used a smaller aperture so the flowers would catch more light.

My Music

Out of most of my friends, I would say I have the broadest range of music taste. Besides for a few, I pretty much listen to all music genres and enjoy all different types of music. I love country and bluegrass, hip hop, rock, reggae, indie, show tunes, old school music such as Frankie Valli and the Righteous Brothers, and more. When I was younger, I would always listen to the music my parents would play. My dad has always been a huge fan of reggae and artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, so from an early age I would listen to this music and learned to like it; while my mom loved artists like Alison Krauss, different country and folk singers, and loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Counting Crows.

I also grew up with many older cousins, so their taste in music influenced me as well. I      began to love bands of the 80’s and 90’s such as Tiffany, the Spin Doctors, Third Eye  Blind, TLC, Savage Garden, New Kids on The Block, etc. I must admit I also loved the boy  bands that took over the 90s and loved the Spice Girls. Growing older I became more into  bands such as O.A.R., Guster, and Dispatch because so many of my friends in school  listened to bands like these. So clearly I have been exposed to many different styles of  music my entire life, all of which I have loved. Throughout my lifetime of listening to  music, I have listened to it on cassette tapes, walkmen, CD’s, Ipods, and just my laptop,  but this summer I got an Ipad and this is where I store all of my music. I love that  the Ipad speakers get really loud, so I love playing all of my music on the Ipad. However,  while driving I typically listen mix tapes that I have burned. I buy almost all of my music  on Itunes because I absolutely hate the quality most of the time of illegally downloaded  music. I have never used Pandora before, but most of my friends and family members use it  and I have only heard good things about it. I have been meaning to start using Pandora  for a while, especially since I don’t store my music on my laptop anymore. I love playing  music at all times, even when I’m doing my work. In order to concentrate, I usually play music that I don’t know all of the words to since I usually tend to sing along with music, so I think Pandora would be an easy and accessible way for me to listen to music I like, and find out more music. Another way music plays a big role in my everyday life is while I’m working out or before a big game in high school. While running or getting pumped up before a game, I like listening to either hardcore rap or any music that makes me angry, as weird as that is. For example, while running I love listening to Blink 182, Eminem, or songs where I can tell the artist has been through a lot. Music like this motivates me in the gym or on the field for different reasons. First, it allows me to get angry myself, and pumps me up and makes me ready to let out steam by running or working hard. Also, the sadness and intensity of this music sometimes reminds me of hard times I’ve dealt with, and running always makes me feel better and is a good way for me to brush things off. Lastly, intense music that speaks of rough times in that artists life makes me think, “if this person has had to deal with all of this hard stuff, such as abuse, hard pasts, drugs, etc, I can easily run two miles”. Most people see me as a very cheerful, happy person, so all of this can come off as surprising to many people who know me, and generally I am a very happy person, but I enjoy working out because it allows me to listen to music I don’t normally listen to.

As I said, I listen to music all the time. Music calms me down, but also makes my life more entertaining. I love singing along to songs and trying to figure out what the artist is singing about. For example, all of Adam Duritz’s songs seem so sad and it interests me to think about what he issinging about. Music also entertains me because I always sing along to songs, especially when I am driving and taking a shower. I also think music is a great way to bond with people. It’s always nice to find people who enjoy the same music you do, and it is fascinating to me to know what kind of music other people like. I believe music helps you understand people better. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I think myself, and the whole population of the world would be much different without music.