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Music Download Debate

People download millions of songs everyday. Some people download music online on websites, or use music downloading programs such as Itunes or LimeWire, and this downloading is either done legally or illegally. Of course, there are laws and consequences against downloading music illegally, but it still happens so often. I believe illegal music downloading has become so common and frequent, that it has become natural to people who do it and these people are forgetting how much of an issue and crime this is. Personally, I get all of my music through Itunes, where I pay for each song I download. Though so many people I know use LimeWire or other programs to get free music illegally, I am and always have been very against it for a few reasons.

One reason I dislike the act of illegal music downloading for free is that I believe it is a disadvantage to singers and songwriters, and strips them of credit for their music. Though singers make most of their money from tours, they still get revenue from people buying their songs on Itunes, so when people do not purchase songs and pay money for them, it is basically cheating the songwriters and singers.

Another reason I am not a fan of illegal music download is usually the quality of the sound from programs such as LimeWire is horrible. I would much rather pay a dollar or two for music that is not scratchy or dubbed over then for the poor quality of songs on LimeWire, even if they are free.

Lastly, I am aware of the consequences of illegally downloading music and I personally do not think these consequences are worth it, when you can easily just pay for your music on Itunes.

Though I am against illegal and free music downloading, I understand why people do it. Well for one thing, it is free. Another reason I know many of my friends download music from LimeWire is because it has so many songs that are not accessible on Itunes. For example, if someone goes to a concert and a singer previews a song that is not yet out on an album, and that concert-goer records the song, they can upload it to LimeWire and the song can then be illegally downloaded. LimeWire has much more accessibility than Itunes, which is why so many people love it.

Downloading music for free makes sense and seems like the easy way out, but for me, I would much rather follow the rules and pay for music that I can listen to in good quality, and not have to fear getting in trouble for downloading it.


Cruel Intentions

This past weekend I watched the movie Cruel Intentions. This film is a twisted, romantic “dramedy” that stars Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sebastian, Ryan Phillipe, is a wealthy high school student who lives on the Upper East Side. Katharine, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is his manipulating, deviant step-sister. The two have a very dysfunctional relationship and pride themselves in sex, games, and bets.

They see sex as a game and have no boundaries, until Katharine and Sebastian come across an article in Seventeen magazine glorifying the virginity of small-town girl Annette Hargrove, Reese Witherspoon. Annette’s father is to be the new headmaster at Sebastian and Katharine’s high school, thus she will be attending their school next fall. Katharine makes a bet with Sebastian that he can not sleep with Annette, because no matter how charming Sebastian may be, Annette prides herself on saving her virginity until she truly falls in love, something Sebastian thinks he is incapable of. However as the games go on, Sebastian finds himself actually loving Annette, making the bet very complicated. There are a variety of twists and games throughout the film, but in the end the movie turns into a romance story. In the end, this movie is dark, tragic, funny, and romantic, and it remains one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend this movie but only to those who can appreciate the weirdness of it. The humor in this film is bizarre, therefore could be seen as not funny and just stupid. Again, this movie is very twisted and tragic so it could be easily misunderstood or seen as distasteful. I recommend the movie to girls between the ages or 16-25, because I feel people outside of this age realm would be either confused or turned off by the movie. The relationship between Sebastian and Katharine is very sexual so I can see people getting either offended or grossed out by that aspect. The parts I do like about this movie are the love story between Sebastian and Annette, the fact that it takes place in my home city, New York, and despite the bizarre behavior shown in this movie, I think each character is hilarious in their own way.

Advertisement Research Study



FreeScore.com (Service), Megamind 3D (Product), Due Date (Product), BlackBerry Torch (Product), American Express (Service), Windows 7 PC (Service), erticalResponse (Service), Verizon (Service), Florida’s Natural Juice (Product), Breathe Right (Product), Timerland shoes (Product), Humira (Product), Kraft Foods (Service), Budget (Service), Weight Watchers (Service), Saks Fifth Avenue (Service), yp.com (Service), Lindt chocolate (Product), Equifax (Service), Progressive (Service)


Lancôme Teint Miracle (Product), Life As We Know it (Product), Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (Product), L’oréal Lipcolour (Product), L’oréal Revitalift (Product), L’oréal Elnett Satin (Product), What’s Eating You (Product), Honda Odyssey (Product), Fatal Attractions (Product), Olay Regenerist (Product), Nescafé (Product), Harry Loves Lisa (Product). Maxwell House (Product), Hotel Indigo (Service), Wendy’s (Service), 3 Musketeers (Product), Frozen Gourmet Alexia (Product), Campbell’s Soup (Product), Humana (Service), Clorox Wipes (Product)


Time Warner Cable (Service), Pretty Little Liars (Product), Sears (Service), Dr. Scholl’s (Product), Maybelline Eyeliner (Product), Dove moisturizer (Product), Kendra (Product), Married to Rock (Product), America’s Funniest Home Videos (Product), Toys R Us (Service), Betty Crocker Warm Delights (Product), Hefty Garbage Bags (Product), Windex (Product), Bounce Dryer Bar (Product), Clorox spray (Product), Revlon photo-ready make up (Product), JC Penny (Service), Kirsten Gillibrand campaign (Political), Senator Kit Bond campaign (Political)


While researching different advertisements on the TV, online, and in a magazine, the three that swayed me the most were a service ad for Weight Watchers, a product ad for the movie Life As We Know it, and a political ad for New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

I found the online Weight Watchers ad to be persuasive because not only did it state beneficial things the service provides, such as losing weight in a fast, healthy way, it showed celebrities’ pictures who have used weight watchers, such as Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy. I thought that showing influential celebrities such as these two women really persuades and convinces women to use weight watchers because they can see how it has worked for famous women. I also found this ad on People.com, so clearly Weight Watchers did a good job targeting its audience considering for the most part women are on this website.

A next ad I found to be quite persuasive was an advertisement for the movie Life As We Know it in US magazine. The ad displayed pictures from the film that made the film look entertaining and exciting. They used bright colors that pop out at the reader. Also, they used hard-sell advertising by telling when and where the movie is being released.

Lastly, I searched for political campaigns on youtube, and came across New York senator Kirstin Gillibrand’s television campaign. I thought her campaign was very convincing, especially since I myself am from New York and was able to relate to her. She flat-out told what she was going to do, targeting the right audience.

BP Oil Spill

After the catastrophe of the 2010 spring BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Public Relations department of BP did an awful  job of fixing the issue. Rather than confronting the problem immediately, being truthful and straight forward, and making realistic approaches in order to do damage control, BP downplayed the situation and immediately made unrealistic goals. They also failed numerous times in efforts to stop the oil leak, making the mess even worse. To add to the mistakes BP made after the spill, executives have embarrassed themselves by spending a lot of money on ads and TV spots, while they could be spending that money on cleaning up the spill and “compensating devastated fishermen and small business owners,” according to President Obama. CEO Tony Hayward unrealistically promised that BP will “make this right and clean up every drop of oil and restore the shoreline to its original state”. Meanwhile, last year, BP filed a spill plan stating “No statement shall be made containing any of the following: promises that property, ecology, or anything else will be restores to normal.” As if matters were not already horrendous, the CEO then continues to act as a hypocrite. Hayward also told reporters “I’d like my life back” early on in the disaster, a statement that was seen as quite insensitive and ridiculous considering how damaged the lives of so many others his company affected were. Clearly, BP’s failures and mistakes during this oil spill were only made worse by the atrocious approach the PR team of BP took to handle the situation.

If I were part of the BP PR team, the first thing I would have done after the issue would be to act on issue and crisis management. I would immediately come out to the public with a sincere and honest apology, being as straight forward as possible telling exactly what went wrong. I’d try to keep as much respect as possible from the public, being prepared to take a lot of criticism and negative thoughts from the public, yet being as apologetic and honest as I could be to keep the respect I could. I would also be sure to make our goals and approaches to fix the situation as realistic and plausible as possible, knowing that the last thing the public would want to hear is false promises made in order to settle them down. I would be sure to spend our money on crucially needed things, such as the physical efforts in cleaning up the spill and donations to those who were greatly effected by the spill. I also would make sure to continue to be professional throughout the entire situation, knowing that every single person on the BP team represents our business and could make or break this situation. I would not allow Tony Hayward to speak to reporters or journalists without telling him the exact thing to say, therefore not risking the lack of professionalism.

My efforts and approaches would be much more successful than those of BP because I would make sure to appease and respect te public and those effected by the disaster. My honesty, hard work, and respect would pay off by avoiding making the situation worse and guaranteeing the public a big effort coming from BP.



While reading the Chaos Theory article, I found myself understanding and agreeing with all of the information stated. The article says that after doing many tests and experiments, people reading content in a linear text formation are more likely to grasp the information more and remember and understand the information more than those reading content in a hypertext formation. Personally, I 100% believe and agree with these statements because I know for a fact I can’t grasp information without reading it in linear text formation. Also, I find that even if I am reading something in linear text formation on the internet rather than in a print out that I can turn back and forth with my hands, I become more distracted as well.

I am a strong believer that the internet is a distraction and acts as an interruption system. I know that if I sit on the internet for a certain amount of time, I can be caught there for hours not really doing anything. For instance: Facebook. When I have work to do and I am trying to avoid it, I can lose time on Facebook and can spend hours just clicking around on people’s different links. Since Facebook is a site that is basically all hyperlinks, it is so distracting and very easy to waste time and lose all senses of concentration. While on Facebook for a long period of time, I find myself just randomly clicking away on all of the different links, without really paying attention to anything.

From reading this article, my beliefs about the Internet were only confirmed. While the Internet has so many great uses that I am thankful I can have, I think it is ultimately a distraction and is not a place to read something on or to keep your focus.

Loise Wanjiru Ndegwa

Loise Wanjiru Ndegwa seems like a typical freshman in college, and for the most part she is. She lives in a dorm room, eats dining hall food, and gets annoyed at having to share a shower. But a huge part of her differs from the majority of students at Elon- Loise is not from the United States.

Loise was born in Kenya and moved to Israel when she was ten. She left Kenya because her mother was transferred to Israel for her job. Loise was raised in northern Israel, very close to Lebanon. She enjoyed the warm weather and going to the beach often. Loise attended a prestigious, international private high school in Israel. After highschool in Israel, the majority of kids- boys and girls- get inducted into the army. Most of Loise’s friends are now in training, and though they say it is hard, they are excited to show their nation’s pride. However, unlike most of her friends, Loise decided to pursue her education in the United States after high school.While meeting with her college advisor, he suggested that Loise apply to Elon. Though at first her top choices were Wake Forest and Lewis and Clarke (both of which she got accepted to), when she found out she got into Elon University she had a “gut feeling” this was the place for her- and so far it seems as though she was right.

Since Loise has been on campus, she has been loving Elon. She thinks the campus is beautiful and feels very safe here.This is her first time coming to the United States and she enjoys how cheap everything is compared to back at home. The biggest difference Loise has found is that people here do not carry around guns, whereas back at home everyone walks the street with a weapon- this is not something Loise misses. She does miss, however, the extremely warm weather in Israel and the beautiful beaches where she would spend most of her time. She of course, like most college freshmen, misses her family. A big plus for Loise is that compared to her high school, which she found to be very difficult and to have very high standards, Loise has found Elon to be quite easy and has been able to “slack off”. Loise is still getting used to adapting to the college life, but so far has found it to not be too difficult and has been loving this new journey!

My Own Media Laws

1. The Conglomerate Law: No one corporate can ever end up owning all other corporations.

In the media world, conglomerates are forming all the time. It is becoming exceedingly common for one major corporation to buy other ones, and as time goes on there are fewer and fewer large corporations. For example, big corporations such as Time Warner, Walt Disney, SONY, News Corporation, etc are buying or merging with other large companies such as FOX, HBO, or CNN, which is typically advantageous for many reasons. One major reason is synergy. Synergy is when two companies from together to get things done that could not be done independently. Another is increased revenue. Often times, a buyer such as Time Warner will “absorb” a competitor such as HBO, and therefore will gain market power. A last major advantage is buy merging companies into a conglomerate, diversity is created which is good because it allows for a bigger audience. Obviously, merging and buying other large businesses is very successful, however, if one day a huge corporation such as Time Warner eventually buys all the other big corporations, the disadvantages would probably out weigh the advantages. For instance if only Time Warner existed, and owned all other large corporations such as Walt Disney and Viacom, the only movies, television channels, magazines, etc. that would exist would be part of Time Warner. If there were people who did not like the style of Time Warner or how they ran things, than those people would be extremely unhappy, and would have no other options of media entertainment. Also, the already existing disadvantaged of conglomerates would be greatly intensified. For example, the cost to may management would be ridiculous considering there would be so many employees under one company. In addition, many people would most likely lose their jobs causing the unemployment rate to tremendously increase. Another, and major, disadvantage of having only one conglomerate is if one branch of this certain corporation failed, most likely the whole business would be doomed, leaving huge trauma considering this would be the only form of media that exists. Though it is quite unlikely for only one major corporation to one day own all the others, having only one existing conglomerate would be very problematic and would cause complete and utter chaos among the media world; therefore Congress should pass this law, just in case this becomes possible in the future.

2. The Body Image Law: No photos or text concerning men and women’s bodies or weight can be posted in magazines or newspapers.

These days it is so common for kids’, women’s, and men’s perception of the ideal body type to be skewed by the media. Photos of unnaturally thin girls and men too are all over magazines, advertising for designer clothes or alcohol brands. Women’s bodies are almost always airbrushed now, causing other women and men to believe that this is the norm and 5’6 women should be weighing 100 pounds. Since these photos are all over popular magazines and all over other types of media, men and women both think that this is what their bodies need to look like these sickly thin unnatural bodies that in most cases are not even real or the models with these bodies have serious eating disorders. The main issue at hand is that the drive the common people have to make their bodies look like those in magazines is causing serious eating disorders among young people. The fact that magazines and the media can so strongly affect the perception of millions of people’s ideal body image is not okay. The media is leading so many young people to eating disorders, and the amount of diagnosed anorexics has increased since the obsession of the body in the media. Congress needs to pass a law which forces the removal of all content concerning body image in the media no matter how drastic this may be. We can not go on having young people belive that in order to be appealing you must be abnormally thin.